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The metal shaft called a spindle, equipped with a device for securing the workpiece ( blank ) in the chuck of a lathe or cutting tools on milling, aggregation, boring, drilling, etc. Machine tools with morse taper. In the drilling, milling and boring machine spindle group also has an adjustable...
Group: Spindle gear
Rotors for wind mills
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Wind generator (wind turbine or wind turbines for short) - a device for converting kinetic energiivetrovogo flow into mechanical energy of rotation of the rotor with its subsequent conversion into electrical energy. Wind turbines can be divided into three categories: industrial, commercial and...
Group: Rotors
Slag ladles
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Shlakovoznaya bowl is designed to receive molten slag discharged from the blast furnace, steelmaking and ferroalloy units. The bowls are filled with slag having a temperature up to 1600 ° C and a density of up to 3.7 t / m 3 .
Group: Bowls for slag transfercars
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Chabauty hammer supports the bottom of the striker and is a massive cast steel or cast iron, which must absorb the impact hammer effect falling parts during plastic deformation of metal between the upper and lower strikers. Lower firing pin is mounted on the intermediate pad and with it secured to...
Group: Production of powder metallurgy
Working rolls for roughing, bar and sheet mills of hot rolling
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Work rolls for cold rolling of sheet and strip. Through a balanced combination of mechanical properties, the rollers are recommended for use on mills with a traditional assortment of rolled.
Group: Shafts
Details of the steam generator for nuclear power
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Nuclear energy (nuclear power) - it is the energy industry, specializing in the production of electrical and thermal energy by converting nuclear energy. Usually for nuclear energy use nuclear chain reaktsiyudeleniya yaderplutoniya-239 or uranium-235. Kernels are divided when hit by a neutron, and...
Group: Power nuclear reactors
Propeller shaft
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Propeller shaft - shafting elements serving to transmit torque from the engine to the mover directly bonding conductor to the propeller.   The inner end of the propeller shaft is connected to the vessel main shaft of the engine, either directly or through a gearbox. The passage of the propeller...
Group: Shafts
Blades of propellers
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Paddle screw - the unit consisting of the sleeve and radially attachments thereto blades for converting the rotary motion of the blades relative to the hub axle, a translational motion of the gaseous or liquid medium, and vice versa. In the first case, L.vint driven in rotation by the motor, in the...
Group: Spare parts and components for water transport
Main shafts of stern tube device
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Purpose stern tube apparatus is required to provide water resistance of hull and propeller shaft - one or two supports, taken static load of the weight of the shaft and the rotor and dynamic operation of the propeller in the various conditions of immersion.
Group: Shafts
Stern shaft
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Stern shaft is equipped with an adapter for attachment to the engine 540-600 class oiler to lubricate the bearings, shaft mount assemblies to the frame.   Stern shaft is designed to be installed on vessels of independent models or industrial buildings.  
Group: Shafts
Intermediate shafts
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Shaft located parallel to the main shaft in a straight higher transmission. Arranged on the intermediate shaft gear to the input shaft of the main change gear ratio.
Group: Shafts
Hub of propeller
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Propeller - the most common modern propulsion of ships, as well as the constructive basis of other types of propulsion. Any modern propeller - blade, and consists of a hub and blades mounted on the hub radially equidistant from each other and rotated by the same angle relative to the plane of...
Group: Spare parts and components for water transport


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